There are three different models of church planting supported by Multiply Midwest:

  • Church Planting: Parachute or parachute drop method. In this method, a church planter and family move into a new location to start a church from scratch.
Plant a Church
  • Church Parenting: Another method is for an existing church or church planting organization, known as the mother church (or parent church), to provide the initial leadership and resources (money and/or people) to start a new, or daughter, church. This may also be done by a group of churches working together.
Parent A Church
  • Revitalization/Replanting/Restarting of an existing church. Church re-vitalization is, by definition, a return to life . . . a return to vitality . . . a return to health. Importantly, what we are talking about here is spirituallife, vitality, and health. The concept of ‘church re-vitalization’ presumes an existing congregation that was at one time spiritually vivacious, but is now in a state of stagnation or a cycle of decline.
Revitalize A Church