Statistics show that church plants cannot keep pace with the number of existing churches that are dying. In short, more churches are dying than are being planted. The solution is investing in existing churches, rather than neglecting them. In order to even keep pace, revitalization work is imperative.

A church revitalization does not intend merely to accomplish stylistic changes, programming changes, homogeneity, or numerical growth. Indeed, a church can embrace a contemporary style, have plenty of programs, and be filled to the gills with people, and still be spiritually dead or dying. So then, the main goal of church revitalization is spiritual life, spiritual vigor, and spiritual growth.

Church revitalization enables us to reclaim valuable resources for gospel purposes. Millions of dollars have been invested as faithful believers have given over many decades. Rescuing aging churches on life support may, in some cases, be good stewardship. A restart is birthing a brand new church out of a practically dead or dying one. A replant is revitalizing an existing declining church that still has potential.

In a restart, the congregation usually agrees to stop public services in their building for at least three to six months, meeting only for home Bible studies and prayer, before a church-planting team relaunches public ministries.

In a replant, the emphasis is on turning the ship around. This type of total church transformation happens only if God is at work. Ultimately churches will be reformed only through solid biblical preaching, fervent prayer and total buy in from the existing congregation.

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