Church planting is a process that results in a new (local) Christian church being established. It should be distinguished from church revitalization, where a new service, new worship center or fresh expression is created that is integrated into an already established congregation. For a local church to be planted, it must eventually have a separate life of its own and be able to function without its parent body, even if it continues to stay in relationship denominationally.

Starting a new church or ministry is one of the most rewarding things you can do to advance the gospel, but it can also be very challenging. Although church buildings of all sizes sit on many street corners in the United States and beyond, there’s always a need for new places of worship. Whether a lofty cathedral or a dusty barn, each congregation reaches a unique group of people that existing ministries can’t. If you feel the Lord leading you to start a new church, there’s probably a need only you can meet.

If you’re launching out with no backing or financial support the process will be a lot more difficult. Multiply Midwest exists to help church planters succeed in building God’s Kingdom. From assessing, to training, to coaching, to launching we are with you from dream to reality.