Planting a church is like having a baby.  There’s never a good time.  There’s never enough money, time, space or energy to have a baby, but it sure is fun trying!  Childbirth is messy.  There’s lots of trepidation and yelling.  But in the end, a beautiful life is born, the labor is forgotten and we often want to have another.  We need to see some beautiful church plants born (and then see some more born).

Studies have demonstrated that churches of almost any size can plant churches.  Surprisingly, the data has revealed that the Parenting Model not only creates stronger, healthier churches, but the parent church is healthier and stronger after planting a than it was before.

Ed Stetzer said, “For any movement to thrive, it has to plant churches. Statistically speaking, if a population just wants to ‘break even,’ it has to reproduce at least at a three percent level.  A denomination of 100 churches has to plant 3 just to stay even– considering attrition. A five percent increase is needed to grow. Ten percent is needed to thrive.”

Whether you’re church is ready or not, to consider planting, contact Multiply Midwest. We will dream with you, pray with you and come along side of you with the best resources available to help you at this exciting time.