Multiply Midwest endows new churches with financial support vital for their success.

Planting Endowment Fund

In 1987, the North Central Planting Fund was established to provide church planters with financial resources to engage their mission.  The interest from this fund provides “seed to the sower,” in the form of monthly support.  Other sources of income will be necessary to be viable.  But the regular monthly support (for +/- 2-3 years) from the NCP Fund is instrumental in establishing planters in local context.

FMC Church Planting Grant

In addition to the support from NCC’s Multiply Midwest, our connection with the FMCUSA permits our planters to apply for a generous grant from our denomination.  Successful applicants can receive up to $6000 per year ($500 per month) for two years. Multiply Midwest will help you make application.  Productive planters can receive this grant for two consecutive years.


Since 1969, the Free Methodist Church of North America has provided excellent pension plans for pastors, conference personnel, and World Ministries Center employees.It may not feel like it, but now is the time to begin planning for your retirement.  Multiply Midwest will help establish a quality pension plan for you and will contribute $500 annually to it.  More can be contributed by the planter and the new church.

Start Up Costs

There are always extra expenses when plants are ready to “go public.” Building lease/deposits, sound equipment, media, promotional materials (banners, post cards, brochures, etc.) all cost money.  Multiply Midwest has budgeted with this in mind.  We plan to contribute toward the launch of every new church (+/- $4000 based on availability).

Fund Raising Support

A diversity of income sources helps to ensure planting sustainability.  Even though personal fund-raising has been a proven method of collecting support by missionaries, church planters have often neglected this income stream.  We supply planters with inspiration from Scripture, information regarding “best practices,” and coaching from a fund-raising specialist to help you leverage your networks to secure partners in ministry.