Coaching is incredibly powerful! Imagine how a church planter would be more effective because someone listened to them, helped them to listen to God, and then asked good questions which enabled them to focus on doing what God wanted them to do next in starting a new church.

5 Reasons Why Church Planters Need a Coach!

1. Coaches provide accountability. Accountability is necessary and helpful in accomplishing your goals! Accountability ensures the completion of identified action steps.

2. Coaches help you go further faster. Through coaching, you are better aligned with what God wants you to accomplish.

3. Coaches create a safe, learning environment. By asking good questions, coaches focus the conversation on the results you want to achieve.

4. Coaches enable you to stay on track. Church planters need to focus on their own personal growth and character development, and also on the tasks necessary to launch a healthy, externally-focused church.

5. Coaches help you to listen to God and what He wants done. Coaching provides an accurate picture of where you are – and helps you move forward to where you need to be – with support in the journey.

Multiply Midwest is committed to coming alongside sending pastors and church planters to offer support, accountability and encouragement throughout the process of releasing and planting a church. Since we’ve begun, we have developed a group of coaches who do just that—support, encourage and provide accountability to our revitalization pastors and church planters.

Coaching is the process of coming alongside someone to help them get clarity and confidence in addressing life’s challenges. Coaching is not about telling people what to do, but is more about listening well and asking insightful questions. In cooperation with the Holy Spirit, coaching can help a person or team sort out where they are, identify obstacles, set goals for the future, discover where God wants them to go, and then help determine how to best get them there.

Our Coaches will

  • Relate – establish coaching relationship and agenda
  • Reflect – discover and explore key issues
  • Refocus – determine priorities and action steps
  • Resource – provide support and encouragement
  • Review – evaluate, celebrate, and review plans

We value all of the relationships that planters have developed with other pastors and leaders throughout their ministry experience. We offer another opportunity for planters to be poured into by one of our trained coaches. We believe that all of the support and relationships are valuable, however, this model of coaching offers something different.

What happens in a coaching session?

A coaching session is usually preceded by some emailed questions helping define what topic or challenge you would like to discuss.  The session lasts 30 minutes but can go up to one hour per month. Your coach will help you get clarity on your topic by listening and asking insightful question.  By the end of the session, your coach will help you focus on 2-3 concrete action steps you can take to move forward toward your goals and desires.

Additionally, you will meet with the entire church planting team and all the church planters for a Think Tank via video chat to talk about a topic pertinent in Church Planting and Revitalization. These topics range from setting up a 501C3, dealing with a sex offender in your church, getting visitors to come…and stay, and many more!