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Initial Assessment using CPCA by Gateway Research.  It is an online, objective, and statistically validated tool that measures 22 characteristics that have been identified with successful church planters.  After connecting with a Multiply Midwest Coach to review your initial screening assessment, your free assessment profile may be upgraded by us to complete the following assessments:

  • The Golden Personality Profile™ is based on the four letter personality typology with a 16 page report detailing your strengths and growth opportunities.
  • The Portrait Predictor™ is a DiSC based assessment with a 6 page report which highlights your strengths, growth opportunities and provides an application guide with next steps.
  • The Spiritual Gifts assessment will indicate the strongest of your gifts among a list of 19 Biblically identified areas of giftedness.
  • The online 360 Evaluation allows you to invite others to provide feedback on 12 critical qualities of church planting.
  • The StrengthsFinder™ assessment is available as an additional option. To complete the StrengthsFinder you must purchase one of several StrengthsFinder books and use the included code to complete the online assessment. You may then share your results on Church Planter Profiles.
Online Assessment


Complete Initial Screening with Church Plant Director and Assessment Team.


Fill out Comprehensive Application

Download Application


Initial Assessment interview and feedback session with Assessment Team where the results are discussed.  Both strength and weaknesses are discussed at length.





  • In-depth Screening will then take place.  We will begin looking at theology, character, and context between the planter, the NCC, and the type of church planting that will be happening.
  • We will explore the planters calling and theology.  It is important that the painter have a hight degree of clarity regarding their calling as well as the ability to articulate the key doctrines of the Christian faith and the doctrines important to the being of a Free Methodist. It will be their calling that will give them the inner resilience and outer fortitude to adapt when faced with obstacles and the inevitable storms of church planting.
  • We will then explore the issues of character.  Intergrity, leadership, patterns of competency for church planting.
  • We will look at the experiences they bring to the table from previous ministries and non-church planting endwavors that will help or hinder them in their church planting efforts.
  • Lastly, we will evalutate the planter in regards to the NCC, as well as, the context where the church will be planted.  We will answer the question, “Am I a good fit to plant a church in the North Central Conference and in the area where I am being sent or feel called.”  We will be utilizing a too called “Assessing a Planter’s Fit in a Specific Place”.


  • Assessment Interview will then  be scheduled using a tool such as the PAS/Ridley Interview to more thoroughly explore the specific competencies and experience mix for an individual planter.  If the assessment is not found to be “conclusive” in results, we can move to the Thompson’s Twenty One Church Planting Competencies.





  • Assessment Center at this point the Planter (and spouse) will be invited to attend an assessment center experience.  Typically the assessment center will have:
    • Multiple candidates from a variety of organizations.
    • Multiple Assessors
    • Exercises, simulations, or tests
    • Criteria or Competencies
  • This final tool allows for the Assessment Team to see the most complete picture of who the planter is.
  • This is a prime opportunity for observations in regard to:
    • Preaching
    • Vision Casting
    • Relating to others
    • Etc.